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If you are looking for Best wedding photographer in Kolkata for your loved one then your journey will end here. Birdlens Creation is a famous wedding photography company that has completed seven long years of experience in wedding photography profession.

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Birdlens Creation is an experienced & Best Wedding Photographer in Kolkata that is committed to enhancing customer satisfaction. We have a lot of experience in Candid Wedding Photography, Pre Wedding Photography & Bengali Wedding Photography.

Our professional top-quality Wedding Photographers in Kolkata are always ready to give your imagination a realistic look.

We have started our journey as the Bengali Wedding Photographers in Kolkata in the year 2015, Gradually Birdlens Creation is making footprints in Professional Wedding Photography in Kolkata. Over the years Birdlens Creation has set a benchmark in providing top quality service to our clients in the field of Wedding Photography Service and has become the Best Wedding Photographers in Kolkata. If we look at the Present scenario of Photographers in Kolkata, Birdlens Creation is the best according to Google Customer Review.

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Are you looking for wedding photographers in kolkata? Congrats, we offer the Best Bengali wedding photography, Candid wedding photography, Pre wedding photography. Birdlens Creation Stands for best wedding photographers in Kolkata and Pre wedding photographer in Kolkata. Have questions?

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Wedding Photoshoots & Pre Wedding Photoshoots

Different types of services provided by wedding photographers in kolkata

Traditional photography allows the photographer to create the perfect space to take a picture where everyone is giving their best pose.

Candid Photography in Kolkata

These days, couples are interested in natural pictures and are not interested in posing for pictures. Candid photography is about capturing the moment rather than just people. Photographers capture moments of laughter, giggles, emotions, and anxiety without the person’s knowledge. Such type of photography requires skills as well as creativity to capture wonderful moments perfectly and hence, you need to pay more for it. Get the best candid photographers in Kolkata on Birdlens Creation.

Drone wedding photography in Kolkata

These days wedding photography is done with the help of automatic aircraft called drones, which capture every moment of the ceremony from an aerial viewpoint. You will get an extremely high-quality video and photographs captured from a unique perspective.

Cinematic Videography

In this cinematography, your wedding is presented as a film dictating your story. The videographer shoots short clips and combines them together to form a story of 30 to 40 minutes. The cinematographers are immensely skillful and the cameras used by them are also of the highest quality. Therefore, it is an expensive option. Birdlens Creation can help you with the best cinematographer in Kolkata.

Traditional videography

Traditional videography is similar to traditional photography, where videographers ask for certain poses with a smile on the face of the subject. All the events in the ceremony are recorded in a video of 3 to 4 hours. Like traditional photography, it is also an inexpensive option as not much creativity and high-tech equipment are involved. Book the best traditional videographers in Kolkata on Birdlens Creation.

Pre-wedding photography shoot in Kolkata

This trend in wedding photography has reached India from Western countries. A pre-wedding photo shoot is done months before the wedding and it features the beautiful romancing couple at a beautiful outdoor location. Birdlens Creation has some of the best pre-wedding photographers in Kolkata. We also help you in selecting the best pre-wedding shoot locations in Kolkata.

Traditional Photography in Kolkata

Traditional photography is about getting clicked in portrait poses with a smile on the face as directed by the photographer. This type of photography does not require much creativity or high-tech equipment and hence it is quite inexpensive. Get budget wedding photographers in Kolkata on Birdlens Creation who are experts at traditional photography.

Monochromatic Photography

If you want the most important day of your life to be captured in monochromatic images, you can choose the option of black and white photography, which helps to capture raw emotion. Birdlens Creation can help you find the best photographer with the skills to do justice to black and white photography.

Vintage wedding photography

For vintage photography, you need to take tips from the photographer for the decoration of the venue as well. This type of photography makes everything look dreamy and placed in another era. Here, the editing tools of the photographer along with high-tech equipment are very essential. Book the top vintage wedding photographers on Birdlens Creation.

Artistic wedding photography

If you think you are an artistic couple, then you can go for artistic wedding photography. This photography expresses love, romance, beauty, celebrations in an artistic way. However, this can’t be done with every couple. So, if you think, you have that spark, then book for artistic photographers in Kolkata on Birdlens Creation.

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